Remote Asset Inspection

Infrastructure in Canada is in a state of disrepair which possess a serious danger to public safety. Because it is not feasible to replace the entire system, regular inspection and prioritization of repair and replacement is vital.

DronEyes Drone inspection service for infrastructure assets yield an enhanced level of safety and effectiveness by reaching hard to access areas that are potentially hazardous for human intervention.

We can collect the conditional data required to make an accurate structural assessment while keeping your technicians safety on the ground.

With a licensed professional engineer on staff, and a with real time Video access that DronEye is offering our clients, your assets are evaluated with the expert accuracy needed to make a critical O&M decision. Leverage the experience of DronEyes Team and take your remote asset inspections on Bridges, Roads, Energy Towers, Cellular Towers, Waste Treatment Plants, Secondary Highways to a cost-effective level.

Gather Data for Bids, RFP’s etc., on asset repairs that is specific and visually accurate. Our Drones can evaluate a Remote Asset in minutes of being on your site, saving you Travel Time, Motels, Per Diem and all other associated costs to employ your personnel to the remote evaluation site.

All real time Videos can be Streamed back to your staff engineers at your Office and they can direct our DronEye Pilot to zoom in pan etc., on the area of concern with your Remote Asset. Eliminating a second trip scenario that is common in Remote Asset management.