DronEye For the Insurance Industry

Under current practices, when appraising property claims, claim adjusters typically encounter hazardous situations. They often must climb scaffoldings and ladders to assess rooflines, ice dams and chimneys.

During complex fire investigations, adjusters often rent scissor lifts and fire trucks to better evaluate an incident and determine the origin and cause of fires. In the case of water damage, much effort goes into tracking leaks and other sources of water damage. The risks that claims adjusters face during the winter include slippery surfaces and harsh weather.

Introducing our Drones to the claims process have the potential to significantly change the way property adjusting is performed. DronEye can supply portability, navigation and the ability to take high-resolution videos and photos. This makes our Drones the ideal solution for supplementing claims adjudication, since your adjusters would no longer need to climb dangerous ladders with a point-and-shoot camera in one hand and a notepad in the other.

Our Drones will also enable your adjusters to get very close look at a roof, the structure itself, our Pilot’s will zoom in to questionable areas and analyze details to survey the magnitude of the claim all without disturbing the scene. Damage can be assessed from your Office with real time Video sent from the investigative scene directly to your Adjusters.

Using Droneyes infrared camera technology, our Drones are highly accurate when it comes to detecting potential water and air leaks — often a very time-consuming process.

This capability could save significant time, while improving the productivity and efficiency of your claims adjusters.

Using DronEye assets, your field adjusters would have easy access to our remote specialists, such as special investigation unit staff or total-loss professionals, who can view videos and photos that are transmitted in real time from our Pilots and our Drones. Your specialists will have a first-hand look, enabling more accurate decision making. Immediate Videos will also reduce the potential for Insurance Fraud.

DronEye Flight Operations will dispatch our Pilots after an incident such as an Ice Storm and create HD Videos of multiple sites within hours rather than days, creating greater customer satisfaction with faster turnaround and settlement of the claims process.

Our Drones are especially beneficial when properties have more than two stories. Given the precision of photos taken by our Drones, the overall quality of the claims adjudication process can improve significantly. Moreover, using DronEyes ability to operate our Drones from a distance eliminates concerns regarding your adjuster’s safety.

Case Scenario:

With the availability of our Drones, a generalist (DronEye Pilot), rather than a Specialist, can be sent to the field to assess risk. Our Pilots will easily navigate the drone through the property and capture videos and photos. Your voice dictations can serve as notes, which will help create accurate and timely reports.

Drones also enable multiple specialists to actively participate in the survey, from anywhere. With access to a real-time view, your specialists can provide instructions to the DronEye Pilot, or use our remote control feature to zoom in or pan out to obtain high-quality visuals.

This eliminates the need for multiple site visits, and significantly reduces the cost and turnaround time for completing risk-assessment reports. The use of our Drones will also make the process of capturing photos and videos easier — even on terrains that are difficult to navigate.