When was DronEye Aerial Services formed?

The concept of DronEye was started in late 2015. Officially DronEye was formed in November 2016

Does DronEye Aerial Services have Transport Canada approval to operate?

Yes. DronEye holds multiple Blanket Complex Transport Canada Standard Flight Operations Certificates (SFOC).

Currently, we are approved for the Provinces of Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland & Labrador.

In early 2018 DroEye will hold Blanket Complex operations certificates from Transport Canada for all Canadian Provinces and Territories.

What Insurance Do You Have In Place For Our Protection?

The minimum insurance policy that must be in place for a Transport Canada approved Commercial Drone operator (i.e. DronEye Aerial Services) is $100,000.00 per operation. DronEye Aerial Services has an Aviation Liability policy in place for $1,000,000.00 per operation. This policy will be assigned to your company for any commercial activity DronEye undertakes on your behalf.

What Is Your Experience?

DronEye founders have over 13,000 hours of flight experience on Civilian and Military high performance aircraft. DronEyes Chief Drone pilot has 6 years shooting aerial Drone videos in Canada, The United States and Europe.

What Aerial Service Industries Does DronEye Specialize In?

Insurance Claims
Construction Asset
Remote Asset
Special Events
Real Estate Inspections
Drone 3-D

What Software Technology is Available for My Drone Requirements?

Tourism, Cellular and Energy Tower Inspection, Insurance Claims, Agriculture and Special Events (Weddings, Sporting Events etc.) DronEye uses High-Quality resolution software that is capable of HD 4K video & photo (see the Drones we use below)

Construction Asset Management, Crop Analysis Inspection etc., we use 3rd Party Software platforms such as DroneDeploy (John Deere Crop Inspection software), Thermal, Mapping, Surveying etc.

We will use your Enterprise software platform if required, for your specific Data requirements.

What Make/Model Of Drones Do You Currently Use?

DronEye Aerial Services Currently Utilizes The Following Drones for The Maritime Provinces and Ontario

DJI Phantom 4 Pro+

DJI Inspire Pro