Who We Are and Where We Are Heading

DronEye was in concept development in mid 2015. We pushed the Go Button and founded DronEye in late November 2016. Our Management Team comes from both the Civilian and Military aviation sectors with over 13,000 hours of accumulated fixed wing flight time. Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drones) division has accumulated over 1000 hours of flight experience in Canada, North America and Europe.

Our current aerial Drone assets include the Phantom 4 Pro+ capable of a professional picture and video quality. Economical for the Small to Medium size company to hire for professional quality 4K HD pictures and videos.

We are pleased to announce that the DJI Inspire Pro 2 Drone series was added for their unique climate capabilities best suited for our Canadian weather and winds. The DJI Inspire Pro 2 series can operate in our harsh Canadian winter climate.

DronEye utilizes advanced software technology for insurance claims, construction asset management, mapping, surveying and other unique aerial services that are available on request.

Our Current Aerial Drone Assets


Our Vision Going Forward

DronEye utilized our in-house Team of Transport Canada licensed Commercial ground school instructors to teach the current Transport Canada SFOC (Standard Flight Operation Certificate) curriculum.
The Minister of Transport, Marc Garneau, stated that as of April 01, 2017, all Commercial and Independent Drone Operators must be in possession of an SFOC number issued by Transport Canada prior to undertaking any commercial operation. 2017 saw us develop DronEye as a certified UAS (Drone) operations company under our blanket SFOC ( Standard Flight Operation Certificate) issued by Transport Canada. DronEye opened up an educational branch of the company – The Canadian Drone Institute, to provide on going, professional education in all aspects of the UAS industry. The goal of The Canadian Drone Institute is to support Transport Canada’s mandate of ensuring safe and responsible operation of all unmanned aerial systems in Canada through education of UAS operators at every level. Our instructors are professionals with many years of hands on experience in the aviation industry.


Our Vision Going Forward

DronEye recognized a need for higher education in the rapidly expanding UAS industry, and opened our educational branch -The Canadian Drone Institute.Following Transport Canada's newest regulations coming into effect in 2018,our courses are designed to provide Individuals,Corporate, and both Provincial and Federal Government agencies with educational curricula and flight and ground school training for VLOS ( Visual Line of Sight) and BVLOS. ( Beyond Visual Line of Sight) Our courses include basic operations for the recreational drone enthusiast, a more broad scope course for small commercial UAS operators and an advanced course for Corporate and Government Agencies planning to operate their own “In-House UAS Flight Departments”.The advanced course includes consultation on the proper UAS Hardware, and Software applications to extract the correct Data for your company when conducting your aerial operations.
We are committed to staying on top of all current Transport Canada legislation to ensure safety and responsibility in the industry.
We continue to align DronEye with leading industry partners to ensure delivery of the most accurate information.

Our Team

DronEye promotes “Safety In Flying” above all other Core Values.

We take the Hiring process not for what we need now, but what we will need our Team Members to embrace 2-3 years down the journey. We will always try and promote from within whenever possible, before going outside of our current Team.

We are very passionate about our company, our Team members and you our Customers.
Our Culture is surrounded by one fundamental principal Safety in Drone Operations.
After talking with a DronEye Aerial Photography Team member, you will be confident that you have chosen an aerial Drone service provider for years to come!

We are currently looking for Photographers, Software Developers, Site Planners, Observers and Pilots with Drone experience.

Transport Canada April 01, 2017 New Regulations Canadian Recreational and Commercial Operators

Failure to operate without a certificate under the new April 01, 2017 Transport Canada Commercial regulations and violation of the Transport Canada Regulations can result in fines up to $25,000.00 and Correctional time for Independent and Commercial operators for hire.

Transport Canada refers to a drone as an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS). Recreational Drone Operators charging for Drone Services (UAS/UAV) without an Operating Certificate and the required Insurance ( as well as their clients) , in the case of a reported Incident during Operation, can be prosecuted by Transport Canada under the new guidelines.